14 thoughts on “Settling in our rooms… 

  1. Mrs Adams and I are just sat looking at your blog before we go home. Wow! What a busy day you have all had and you are all still smiling.
    Have a wonderful evening. Enjoy your tea.
    Mrs Forshaw & Mrs Adams

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  2. Ooooh what an exciting night ahead with all ur best friends Zion… we are all missing you at home mimi has had her hair cut… love you lots have a fab night lots of love mummy mimi and Nikki xxxxxxxx

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  3. Really enjoyed looking at all your pictures today Joseph and the amazing time you are having. Cant wait for you to tell me and your Dad all about it. Love you to the moon and back . Mummy xxx


  4. So happy your with your friends Jack, now you don’t need to worry! Have a fantastic evening and hope you all give the teachers a easy peaceful night, they deserve it.
    Me, Daddy & Scarlett are all missing you but very quiet home here 😜. Love you xxx

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  5. Hi Tyler looks like you have done loads of amazing things today just been looking at that pictures looks like you are all having loads of fun .Glad the weather is lovely and sunny for you all hope it’s the same tomorrow.Enjoy the rest of your stay and I will see you tomorrow miss you love you lots love mum ,Tim ,Katie ,kobi and kallum xxx


  6. Heeyyy Mohammed Isa..Loved looking through your pictures throughout the day..Looks like you are all having fun..Take care..Missing you though..😀


  7. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! Hope everyone is having a great time in castleton !!!! MISSNG YOU SO MUCH ZION … Have a great time Everyone whowentand let the teachers have a rest and you do all the work LOL! Big wishes to all of you especially Zion xxxx Hugs and kisses Amelia Wisdom Y4K !!!! xxxxxxxx


  8. Hi finley looks like you are having a brilliant time! You look so happy enjoy the rest off your night and see you tomorrow. Archie is really missing you and your cuddles. love you lots from mummy daddy and Archie xxxx


  9. Wow! Caitlin you look like you have been so busy today. Hope you are having lots of fun, missing you, see you tomorrow love you loads Mum and Dad xxxxxx😘


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