15 thoughts on “Room time 

  1. Hi Ayaan , hope you and the rest of your class mates are having fun.
    Looks like it from the pictures that I am seeing .
    I’m still at work , but will be heading home in a short while.
    Have a good evening , will be following the pictures online tonight and tomorrow.

    Love Dad , Mum , Adan , Amaya and rest of the gang , too many too mention.


  2. Looks like your having fun Charlie 👍🏻👍🏻 hope you have a fantastic time at Castleton love mum dad and Louis xxxxx


  3. Hi Morgan, hope that you are having a lovely time. Have fun with all your friends in your room tonight! Missing you loads…lots of Dad, Mum, Rose, Nannan and Grandad xxx


  4. Hi Aaminah looks like ur really happy my darling xx enjoy ur night and lots of love from mum maryam n Ismaeel all the way from Pakistan xxx


  5. Glad you got the room with who you wanted Dylan. 😊 Looks like you have had an amazing day so far, hope tonight and tomorrow is just as fun. See you soon. It’s very quiet here without you. Love you love mummy, daddy and Alex xx


  6. Looks like you have got a great place to sleep tonight scarlottio…. hope you are having a great time. Missing you x love mum, noel and kiera xxx


  7. Hello Katie Olivia, We are loving the photos of you. It looks like you’re having a great time with your friends. Stay safe and enjoy yourself. Love you to bits, mummy & daddy. X


  8. Hi Ashton, I see that the three amigos are together!!!
    Have fun, sleep well and we look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow.
    Love you lots mum and dad xxx


  9. Hi amad looks like you n your class mates have had a lovely day. Have a good night’s rest now. Missing you dad mum n khizer.


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